WINNIPEG -- The skywalk system connecting Downtown Winnipeg, as well as the underground Portage and Main concourse have been temporarily closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city said the entire walkway system and the underground concourse closed Friday night as a precaution of public health and safety. It said the closure is a result of discussions between the city and its partners in the public walkway system, including businesses and property owners.

“Several partners expressed their preference to close individual sections of the walkway in the interest of public health and safety,” said the city.

It also closed the underground walkway connecting the Centennial Concert Hall and the Council Building.

As for pedestrians trying to cross Portage and Main, the city said they will have to find their nearest above ground crossing until the underground concourse reopens.

The city said anyone concerned about access to their parkades which are connected to skywalks should contact the individual building or parking lot owner. It said for those parking in the Millennium Library Parkade, there will still be street level access to the stairwell entrance to the parkade, but there will no longer be elevator access while the library is temporarily closed.