Adults and children with developmental disabilities will now be able to take part in specialized programming through St.Amant.

The organization launched a leisure guide Wednesday night for people who use their services.

Activities include sports, dance and cooking, and everything is free of charge.

“Their lives will be enhanced by programs like this,” said Pat Siwik, whose son will be attending the programming.

Siwik’s son requires one-on-one attention that can be difficult to get through City of Winnipeg programming.

The St.Amant leisure guide activities are supervised by volunteers and designed so that everyone can take part.

“You don’t have to have an ability to move around independently. We’ve got volunteers there to support people,” said John Leggat, CEO and president of St.Amant.

The pilot program was funded through a $25,000 donation from the Winnipeg Foundation.

Participants can choose from 14 different activities during two sessions.

St.Amant said there are already waiting lists to register.

Right now, the programs are only available to people who use St.Amant.

In the future, the organization hopes to open it up to all people with developmental disabilities.