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'Still loved by many people': Family of missing man starts billboard campaign looking for information


Relatives of a man who has been missing since 2021 are launching a campaign in the hopes someone will come forward with information.

Robert Hutchison was last heard from in January 2021 and police believe he's a victim of foul play.

"(We) started to worry, wondering why we weren't hearing back from Rob," said Paul Turenne, Hutchison's cousin.

It's believed Hutchison was last seen around Manitoba Avenue and Artillery Street and there have been no answers about his whereabouts.

In July 2022, his mom and police made a public plea for information.

"We believe Robert didn't disappear of his own being. He didn't choose to disappear," said Winnipeg Police Service Sgt. Andrea Scott in July 2022.

His family set up a GoFundMe campaign and now it's using the money raised to help find him.

One way they are doing that is by creating billboards in the city.

"My aunt felt that there was just a need to kind of beat the bushes further and see if we can get some information flowing," said Turenne.

The family has also teamed up with Crime Stoppers who is offering a reward of up to $2,000.

The volunteer organization said tipsters' identities are protected and that can help persuade someone to come forward.

"No one will ever know that it is you, so you can come forward. (You) will remain anonymous, (you) will never have to testify in court or deal with the police," said Robert Mackenzie with Crime Stoppers.

Hutchison's family said he served in the military, was a cook, and liked the outdoors.

"As a kid, I remember him as a kind of happy rambunctious. We'd wrestle and stuff at family events," said Turenne.

Turenne noted the family is feeling a bit helpless, so this campaign is, in part, about doing something within their control.

"Robert is, was, still loved by many people, missed by many people and there's not been closure. We're still looking for answers. We don't know what's going on." Top Stories

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