Winnipeg Animal Services is reminding pet owners in the city to pick up their furry friends’ waste.

“Nothing’s worse in the spring time than people who are irresponsible over the winter and didn’t clean up after their dog,” said Leland Gordon, the chief operating officer for Winnipeg Animal Services.

Gordon said not picking up after a dog is not only unsightly, but it’s a potential for disease and could lead to a fine.

He added it’s important to keep an eye on your pooch and to remind people if you spot a problem.

“It can be tricky, obviously, for one of our enforcement officers to catch somebody in the act of not cleaning up after their pet. So it's important that Winnipeg residents also keep an eye out for that and work together as a team and then report that to the city," Gordon said.

Winnipeg Animal Services said pictures or video of the offender and things like licence plates and vehicle descriptions can help them track the person down.

So far this year, Winnipeg Animal Services’ officers have issued 20 verbal warnings and one ticket.

The fine for not picking up your pet’s waste is $400.