WINNIPEG -- With 15 cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba, eight of which have been lab-confirmed, cannabis stores in Winnipeg are taking precautions.

Tweed and Tokyo Smoke posted statements to their websites, saying they are temporarily closing their retail locations and urging people to shop online instead.

Delta 9 said its senior retail and corporate officers have been meeting to make sure they are taking the necessary steps.

In a statement the company said it’s:

  • Increased its sanitation protocols;
  • Given flexible sick time to its staff;
  • Implemented a 14-day quarantine on staff who’ve travelled internationally;
  • Cancelled business travel and conferences;
  • Encouraged proper hygiene and handwashing among its employees;
  • Limited certain interactions in the stores to limit customer-employee contact, such as closing the sensory bar and ensuring workers are keeping safe distances;
  • Encouraged head office staff to work from home; and
  • Provided links for employees to access Manitoba government resources and news sources.

Delta 9 has not limited its store hours and has no scheduled closures.