The workshop at 17 Wing will be dedicated to an employee who was killed in Jamaica.

On Tuesday, Melbourne Flake and his wife Etta were found by construction workers dead in their St. Thomas vacation home.

The Flakes moved to Manitoba 53 years ago and their daughter Debbie Olfert says, “they raised a family here, so we a lot to be grateful for being allowed to live and grow in Winnipeg, but my Dad's heart was always in Jamaica”.

Melbourne spent 38 years working in the workshop at 17 Wing, and today, they are naming it ‘Mel Flakes Wood Hobby Club’.

The president of the workshop says, “Mel was always very giving and willing to stop whatever he was working on and help any members around”.

Mel and his wife Etta recently attended their family reunion in Jamaica with their five children and 14 grandchildren.

The deaths are still under investigation.