Charges have been laid against three Manitobans after a man’s guns and car were stolen from his rural home, while another vehicle was set on fire.

RCMP were called to a home on Highway 26 in the RM of St. Francois Xavier on June 27.

Mounties said a man and two women in a car pulled into the driveway of the residence and confronted the homeowner.

According to police, the male suspect threatened the homeowner with a firearm and demanded he give him all the guns on the property, as well as the keys to the homeowner’s Buick Lacrosse.

The suspects set fire to the first car and took off in the Buick with the homeowner's guns, RCMP said. The homeowner wasn’t injured.

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Police tracked the suspects to Portage la Prairie.

Mounties said the vehicle was stopped at Panko’s Food Store on Saskatchewan Avenue West. Two females were arrested, but one man ran off, reportedly armed with a long gun.

Due to the manhunt, schools in the city were locked down and residents were asked to stay home for much of the day.

Later that night, police arrested a man just east of Portage off of Highway 1. During the course of the arrest, officers said the suspect was shot.

The man was transported to a Winnipeg hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Manitoba’s Independent Investigation Unit is investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the injury.

Police said Jordan Brent Myran, 24, from Long Plain First Nation, Deidra Marie Merrick, 29, from Winnipeg and Tina Mabel Grace Daniels, 37, from Winnipeg are all facing a number of charges, including armed robbery.