It's probably the last time Ken Turnbull will ever do a full-scale restoration.

He was approached by Carman resident Rick Vanderpol to create a working replica ambulance from the First World War to showcase during parades.

Turnbull agreed to the project.

"I have one more (car) left in me," he said.

Turnbull, 89, is a Second World War veteran. The two men wanted others to be able to step back in time by seeing the working replica. It can go about 60 km an hour.

Vanderpol brought him old car parts. Turnbull started working on the project in July.

He said he spent more than 500 hours and worked six days a week. Instead of blueprints, Turnbull used a small toy as a model.

The replica will make its debut in Treherne in southwestern Manitoba during the annual parade on June 28.