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Antisemitic posters found on U of M campus, university says


The University of Manitoba says it has found antisemitic posters on its campus and is seeking a police investigation.

In a statement posted on its website Tuesday, the university said the posters were found in several buildings on campus. The statement does not specify the contents of the posters found, only that they included "Antisemitic language and defamatory statements" against the late Israel Asper – the namesake of the Asper School of Business.

"We have removed every identified poster and continue to patrol campus to support a safe environment," the statement reads.

The university says it has contacted the Winnipeg Police Service and asked police to investigate. In an email to CTV News, Const. Claude Chancy with the Winnipeg Police Service said the hate crime coordinators of the major crimes unit are looking into the situation.

"UM calls out racism and antisemitism in all its forms and does not tolerate the distribution of hateful propaganda on our campuses," the U of M said in its statement.

Responding to CTV News Thursday morning, a spokesperson for the U of M said around 70 posters were found and reported to security around 5 p.m. on Monday.

“This poster was clearly directed at a particular community and served to create a hostile, humiliating, or offensive environment for Jewish students and employees and potentially other members of the university community, based on their personal and protected characteristics,” the spokesperson said in an email.

The spokesperson also pointed to the school’s Respectful Work and Learning Environment policy which says the school, doesn’t condone behaviour that would undermine the dignity, self-esteem or productivity of its members and it prohibits any harassment or discrimination.

The policy also mentions the university is about instilling an inclusive and respectful environment. Top Stories

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