Winnipeg police say officers in a cruiser car which went through a stop sign and collided with a van in the North End Saturday night was in the area assisting with an investigation involving a suspicious male when the crash occurred.

It happened at 7:20 p.m. at the intersection of Salter Street and Aberdeen Avenue. Two officers in the cruiser and four occupants of the van were taken to hospital where they were treated and released.

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Police said the marked cruiser car crossed Salter Street westbound on Aberdeen Avenue when the collision occurred with a van travelling northbound on Salter Street.

A man, Leo Fradin, who lives in the area and whose home security camera captured video of the crash said he didn’t hear any sirens or see any lights activated on the police car.

"That van slid across Salter Street quite a ways, and [the police officer] went back and checked on the people, and then whoever was in the car," Fradin told CTV Winnipeg on Sunday.

Few other details have been released by police about the video.

“It would be speculative for me to look at a video and make comments about that which could end up being part of, will be part likely of something’s IIU’s been advised of,” said Carver. “This would be looked at to see whether or not there’s some sort of culpability that could move into the criminal realm.”

Carver declined to comment on whether lights and sirens were activated.

“I’m not allowed to make those comments,” he said. “It’s something that could end up being something that’s part of a criminal investigation.”

He said emergency vehicles are allowed to disregard elements of the Highway Traffic Act in an emergency situation with the highest regard for public safety. Speaking broadly to the protocols police follow, he said there may be situations where officers don’t activate emergency sirens but couldn’t say whether that’s the case in this recent crash.

“Winnipeg fire paramedics can’t do this but we often go to situations where we won’t have a siren going,” he said. “If we’re going to an armed robbery, for instance, the last thing we want to do is spook someone who has a weapon and has civilians in front of them where we could turn that into an armed and barricaded – a hostage situation.

“Protocol would be to not necessarily advise, broadcast that we’re coming with siren but every intersection, every traffic maneuver has to be done with the concern that public safety is at the top of the list of priorities.”

Manitoba's police watchdog, the Independent Investigation Unit, is investigating the incident. Anyone who was any information or video footage is asked to call 1-844-667-6060.