The City of Winnipeg is considering a plan to put nets around retention ponds.

"If you can put nets over these ponds, only for a few weeks in the spring and will disrupt the migration patterns of these birds and they won't come back," said Coun. Gord Steeves (St. Vital).

The city said geese have posed an increasing problem in Winnipeg.

Fort Whyte's Jody Watson said the geese population in the city does need to be addressed, but said the netting won't solve that problem.

"They'll still be able to use the nicely manicured grass around it, which is one of the main things they'll go for…they can get a lot of food, and eat and be happy," said Watson. Geese have started nesting at Fort Whyte, which has one of their natural habitats in Manitoba.

Experts advise people to let their grass grow longer to help keep away geese, making them think predators could be hiding in it. People are also advised not to feed geese and experts said it's fine to let dogs scare geese away from areas.

The issue of geese at retention ponds is slated to be discussed at the city's protection committee next week.

- with a report from CTV's Nancy Carlson