Ed Hiebert says weather over the last couple of weeks made the Winnipeg streets slick.

"They were pretty slippery I'll have to say, right after the snowfall, it was very slippery it seemed like it took them a couple days to sand them down," said Hiebert.

Hiebert said it seemed to him like there wasn't enough sand spread around.

"Even after they cleared the roads, they were almost polished and there was no grit put down," said Hiebert.

The city said the supply was running low and its regular supplier didn't have extra sand available. To make sure enough sand is on hand, the city says it purchased 3,000 tonnes from another company.

“Due to some difficulties with sand delivery, the city ordered a limited amount of additional winter sand from Glacial Aggregate to ensure adequate sand amounts for snow clearing and ice control operations,” according to a city statement.

It said the harsh weather forced city workers to use more sand than usual.

“Due to unforeseen ongoing extreme cold weather conditions, the city required a larger amount of sand to improve traction on the roadway which resulted in the additional order of 3,000 tonnes of winter sand,” the statement read.

Despite all of this the city said no streets were missed for sanding and proper amounts of sand have been available for snow clearing and ice control.

Ed Hiebert said sand can save lives.

"The intersections become deadly. I've seen guys slide right through. I've seen big trucks go right through and if you're coming across with the light and that guy goes through a red light you're done," said Hiebert

The city won’t say how much the single-sourced sand contract cost taxpayers.