A state of emergency was declared Friday night in the Rural Municipality of Ochre River as strong winds drove ice pile-up from the lake onto yards.

Earlier this week, provincial flood forecasters predicted a moderate to high risk of shoreline ice pile-up on Dauphin Lake, as ice began to break up and melt.

Strong north winds Friday afternoon and evening pushed the ice piles from the lake onto yards in Ochre Beach.

The R.M. says 20 homes are majorly damaged on Lake View Drive with minor damage on Sombrero Drive and Beach Road.

“Fortunately, nobody was hurt,” says Deputy Reeve Clayton Watts. “There was extensive damage, though.”

All residents have been accounted for after RCMP, Emergency Medical Services and the local fire department swept the area door to door.

The situation also caused hydro problems and Manitoba Hydro crews are on scene to restore power.

Until then, security is restricting access to the area as it is dark and buildings are unstable.

The R.M. is finding places for permanent residents to stay.

Officials will meet with EMS Saturday morning at the beaches.

The same area was hit hard by flooding in 2011.