Supporters of an 8-year-old who now identifies as a girl held a rally at Transcona Centennial Square on Saturday.

"When I read the story of what Bella and her family were experiencing at school, all I could think was ‘bully,’ and the only way I know how to deal with them is to stand up to them," said Adam Herstein.

Isabella Burgos was born a boy, but transitioned over the summer, and returned to Joseph Teres School in September as a girl. Her father, Dale Burgos, says the return to school was going well until a parent of another student angrily told Isabella not to use the girls' bathroom.

People who gathered today say they were angered by how she was treated and were compelled to come out to support her.

"We have someone in our family who is transitioning right now, so it’s something Aiden is aware and has become sympathetic towards,"said Sarah Miller who came from St. James.

Bella says she feels special that people came out to the rally. Last week, some people showed up to her school wearing pink in support.

"It's been overwhelming. I mean really it is,” said Dale Burgos. We just wanted to make things right for Isabella in her school and it’s just our story, our family, and it’s reaching out across Winnipeg, Canada, internationally."

The school has told Isabella that, in accordance with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, she has to use its gender-neutral washroom. In response, her parents have filed a complaint with the commission, hoping to change the rules.