Pamela Neves is a fan of her city councillor Jenny Gerbasi, who's leaving city hall after a 20-year career.

"Her principles, and her get up and go and her vision," said Neves.

Neves says when Gerbasi supports an issue, the community listens.

"Absolutely," said Neves.

Now the outgoing Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry councillor is throwing that political weight behind the candidate she wants as her replacement. Gerbasi says she will vote for Winnipeg School Division board chair Sherri Rollins.

"I wanted to support someone with experience, someone who's a strong progressive woman who I think is going to carry on the type of work I did," said Gerbasi.

Rollins, who leans NDP, already has the support of the Winnipeg Labour Council.

Political scientist Chris Adams says Gerbasi's backing is a boost for the candidate.

"The person that would have been the incumbent is now campaigning to support Rollins, I think that will have an impact,” said Adams.

“I would say that she's the frontrunner with the incumbent supporting her, yeah," he said.

But Rollins has six other challengers, some with name recognition of their own.

  • Stephanie Meillieur has been the head of the Osborne BIZ for the last six years.
  • Harry Wolbert, a disability and anti-poverty advocate.
  • Peter Koroma, a former assistant to Liberal MLA Jon Gerard.
  • Jeff Palmer is a city planner and volunteer.
  • Michael Thompson, the director of the Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel.
  • Bryanna Spina is a yoga studio owner who has worked on community wellness programs for children and adults.

As for how Pamela Neves plans to vote, she says Gerbasi's endorsement of Rollins isn't the be all and end all. Neves is still undecided.

"I will make my own decision based on the information I gather and then I'll make a very good decision in the end," said Neves.