The Manitoba government says an oil spill in the Saskatchewan River is not posing an immediate threat to local waterways.

Still, Manitoba Sustainable Development is in discussions with town officials in The Pas, which uses the Saskatchewan River for drinking water.

The province says oil is expected to be contained in time to protect Manitoba waters, however the slow travel of the oil slick through eastern areas of the Saskatchewan River will give crews enough time to implement emergency plans if any cleanup is needed.

It was initially reported that the leak occurred on Thursday morning. But an incident report filed with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of the Economy says a “pipeline release” was discovered on the south shore of the North Saskatchewan River at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Close to 250,000 litres of oil leaked into the river near Maidstone, about 56 kilometres east of Lloydminster.

After the spill was reported, the pipeline, which transports blended heavy oil and diluent, was shut down.

Efforts are ongoing in Saskatchewan to capture oil with absorbent booms in six locations.