A display at the University of Manitoba is causing controversy for comparing abortion to genocide and the Holocaust.

The display, which shows images of dead fetuses, went up Sept. 23 and was slated to remain in place until Sept. 25. The group University of Manitoba Students for a Culture of Life put up the display.

A number of students protested the display at the U of M, holding up signs stating "My Body My Choice and "Pro Choice Pro Woman."

U of M student Jennifer Black said the campus should be a place for higher learning and not for preaching anti-abortion propaganda.

“I think it's completely inappropriate and I think it's done strictly for shock value and to get people to be upset and disgusted and to shame and humiliate women who've had abortions,” said Black.

The group University of Manitoba Students for a Cultural Life said the display is meant to educate.

“If you are offended with the Holocaust, with the Rwandan Genocide - there's a reason for that and so there should be also a reason why you should be offended by the graphic images of abortion,” said Agnus-Mariae Lucas from the group.

A motion has been put forward to ban the anti-abortion group from operating on campus.

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union will have to decide whether to pass or reject the motion.

“It is really concerning to have these issues brought up again and concerning that I might have to be fighting for this for the rest of my life,” said Jennifer Black.

She said her mother once fought for women’s rights decades ago.

Officials at the University of Manitoba are asking students and faculty who have a problem with the display to report their concerns to the equity office.

- with a report from Caroline Barghout


Advisory - attached video contains graphic images