WINNIPEG -- The number of COVID-19 cases at care homes in Manitoba is growing, according to numbers provided by health officials in Manitoba on Thursday.

During a news conference at the Manitoba Legislative Building Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba's chief provincial public health officer, provided updates on Parkview Place, Bethesda Place, Calvary Place, and Heritage Lodge, which have declared outbreaks in recent weeks.

Parkview Place, which saw one of the province's most recent deaths from COVID-19, has 34 confirmed cases. Roussin said 30 of the cases are residents, while four cases involve staff members. Four residents have died from COVID-19 in the outbreak.

Also in Winnipeg, Calvary Place Personal Care Home currently has nine cases associated with it, with six of the cases in residents, and three in staff members. Beacon Hill Lodge has five total cases, with two of the cases in staff and three in residents. Heritage Lodge Personal Care Home has 12 cases, all in residents.

Bethesda Place in Steinbach has reported 18 total cases, with 10 cases among staff and eight among residents. Four residents have died from COVID-19 since the outbreak began.

The Carberry Personal Care Home has only had one staff member test positive, but they have since recovered, said Roussin.

The most recent outbreak, reported at Metropolitan Kiwanis, involves one resident and one staff member, according to officials.

Roussin said Public Health works with operators right away whenever there is a reported case in a care home, and said they could be there on-site if they felt there was something they needed to see first-hand.

"We want to definitely reduce the amount of people going in and out of these homes," he said. "So public health intervenes right away. It may not look the way of an actual on-site visit, but we work closely with people there."

Roussin said the measure put in place in care homes is to protect residents from transmission.

"Residents with symptoms remain in their rooms, they're delivered meals and have access to a private bathroom," he said. "Group activities and social gatherings are cancelled, residents and staff are screened for COVID symptoms frequently, and visitor restrictions are often put in place.

Roussin added, "we know that these measures are quite difficult and challenging, but they are in place for the safety of the residents who are quite susceptible to severe outcomes of this virus.”