The City of Winnipeg's Insect Control Branch is gearing up for the summer season.

Officials held a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Residents in St. Boniface and Fort Rouge can expect to see more cankerworms this year, said officials. 

"The reason we're seeing a large spring emergence is the mild winter," said Taz Stuart, the city's entomologist.

While the mild winter may lead to an increase in cankerworms in some areas, Stuart said dry conditions and less standing water are keeping the mosquito populations down.

City officials said they're still gearing up to prepare for tackling any mosquito issues that arise. 

"The City of Winnipeg will continue using a balanced control approach including larviciding, biocontrols and residual treatments, and when necessary, fogging, to supplement these on-going measures," said officials in a release.

A 24-hour notice will be issued to the public, prior to starting any fogging activities.

Officials will begin monitoring mosquito traps at the start of May.

- with a report from CTV's Rajeev Dhir