Jets gear is still flying off the shelf around Winnipeg. When the new logo was revealed, fans lined up around the block for t-shirts and hats.

Now, two weeks later, Zak Rubin of River City Sports says people are starting to look for bigger items.

"We've been getting requests everyday. ‘When are the jerseys out, when are the jerseys out?' said Rubin. "It's going to be a little while yet, so we're taking orders."

With demand so high, counterfeit items are popping up all over the Internet.

Websites like and have ads for the new Jets team jersey, with people selling replicas and so-called authentics for as low as $50.

"The jerseys haven't been created, they haven't been mass-produced, they aren't available to anyone yet," said Scott Brown of True North Sports & Entertainment. "So anyone who is telling you you can buy a jersey online is telling you something that's not true."

The new jersey design is under lockdown and won't be revealed for weeks. True North says it's buyer beware when it comes to purchasing fakes. Not only could you end up with poorly made product, but local retailers said buying knock-offs is bad for local business.

"In my mind it's a pretty risky proposition to go get a fake jersey when you could go to a good local business (where) the royalties go to the team," said Rubin.

True North said even once the jersey design is revealed and available for the players, the public will still have to wait a few more weeks for the jerseys to hit stores.

-- with a report from CTV's Jillian Taylor