The temporary fire ban that was issued in Winnipeg is among those to be lifted because of recent weather conditions.

Temporary fire ban for Winnipeg lifted

According to a new release, the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service will now resume issuing permits for firework displays and open fires, and will continue to enforce all permit conditions.

The WFPS reminded residents that there are regulations surrounding outdoor fire spaces, such as fire pits, fire places and outdoor barbecues. Open fires are still not permitted when winds exceed 25 kilometres an hour.

“Even with the recent rainfall, prudent fire safety measures should always be followed when enjoying a recreational fire,” said WFPS Chief John Lane.

“Residents should have a water supply at the ready and only use by-law approved fire pits to reduce the potential spread of airborne embers which increase the risk of brush and grass fires.”

Between Jan. 1 and May 16 the WFPS responded to 79 grass and brush fires.

Some fire restrictions remain in Manitoba

The province said while the weather has allowed for some restrictions to be lifted in southeast Manitoba, some remain and some new restrictions have been put in place.

Daytime campfires are now permitted in the eastern region between PR 302 and the Ontario border and between the Trans-Canada Highway and the U.S border, however motorized backcountry travel restrictions in the region remain in place.

Backcountry travel restrictions have been put in place in the Porcupine Provincial Forest and the area bordered by Lake Winnipeg and Poplar River, stretching east to the Ontario border and south to the Wanipigow River.

Campers at south Whiteshell Provincial Park campgrounds including Caddy Lake, Falcon Beach and West Hawk Lake can have campfires, while campgrounds in the north Whiteshell such as at Brereton Lake and Nutimik Lake only permit campfires between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

The province said all other fire and travel restrictions remain and asks people to check restrictions on the Manitoba Parks website.