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Kinew, Poilievre meet at Manitoba legislature, discuss each other's priorities


Premier Wab Kinew and federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre met at the Manitoba legislature Thursday afternoon.

Poilievre is in Winnipeg to speak at the RBC Convention Centre for an 'Axe the Tax' rally.

He said he spoke with Kinew about his "common sense" plan for the country, adding the two share similar goals on certain topics.

"He's focused on making energy more affordable. So he has said he wants to exempt Manitoba from the carbon tax, and I agree with that I want to exempt everyone from the carbon tax," said Poilievre.

He said they also talked about building more roads and working on creating more economic development.

The federal Conservative leader said he enjoyed spending time with Kinew.

"I'm obviously a Conservative, he's obviously a New Democrat, but that doesn't mean we can't share our priorities and have good conversations together. So I think it was a good meeting."

Poilievre was also asked about the recent decision from the federal and provincial governments to each contribute $20 million to fund the search of a Winnipeg-area landfill for two missing Indigenous women. It is believed their remains are in the landfill.

Poilievre said he supported the money for the search.

"I can't even imagine what these families are suffering. All of us would agree that if we had a loved missing, that we would the government to do everything in their power to find the remains."

He followed that up with his plan to reform the justice system so repeat violent offenders aren't ending up back on the street.

"We will keep the most dangerous people behind bars to protect our most vulnerable people from those horrific crimes."

Poilievre plans on meeting the Manitoba PCs as well on his trip to the province, and added he is open to meeting with any provincial leader, of any party, if they are interested in common sense conversations. Top Stories

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