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Manitoba lifts ban on homegrown cannabis, pauses some new retail licences


The Manitoba government is lifting its ban on homegrown recreational cannabis while at the same time pausing approval of some new retail outlets.

Justice Minister Matt Wiebe has introduced a bill that would end a ban on homegrown pot and allow people to grow up to four plants under federal law.

If the bill becomes law, it would leave Quebec as the only province with a ban.

Manitoba's NDP government is also putting a temporary moratorium on new licences for controlled-access stores that sell cannabis in urban areas.

Unlike stand-alone stores that only admit adults, controlled-access outlets include convenience stores and gas stations that are open to all ages but put cannabis products out of the reach of customers.

There are 11 such outlets in urban areas already, and the province says it wants to take time to review whether adding more is necessary and socially responsible.

   This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 24, 2024. Top Stories

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