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Winnipeg crews install second pump in attempt to stop sewage leak into Red River


The city is one step closer to stopping millions of litres of untreated sewage from spilling into the Red River.

The City of Winnipeg announced crews have made progress on a bypass system at the Fort Garry Bridge and a second pump was installed Wednesday evening.

The fecal fiasco started to unfold in November, when during a routine inspection crews found problems with two pipes that carry sewage to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant.

While working on a fix, one of the pipes was taken out of commission. However, on Feb. 7, the second pipe stopped working, resulting in millions of litres of sewage to start spilling into the river.

To date, more than 200 million litres of sewage has spilled into the Red River.

With the second pump in place, the bypass system will take over until the new pipes are designed – which could take up to two years.

“There is still a risk of intermittent spills while crews continue to improve the reliability and operation of the bypass system over the next few days,” said Tim Shanks, the director of the Water and Waste Department, in a news release.

Residents in St. Norbert, Fort Richmond, Richmond West, Waverley West, Bridgwater, Linden Woods, Linden Ridge, Whyte Ridge, Waverley Heights, and the University of Manitoba areas are still being asked to reduce their water usage until work is finished on the bypass. Top Stories

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