WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg Police Service officers responded to thousands of calls over the past weekend, including one man being stabbed multiple times with a butcher knife, and another man being stabbed five times in the upper body and head.

Winnipeg police said over three days, from Friday to Sunday, they received 3,292 calls to 911 and another 1,695 non-emergency calls for service.

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Police said of these calls, they responded to eight stabbings.

"We're seeing a lot of stabbings," said Const. Rob Carver of the Winnipeg Police Service. "The real issue that Winnipeg is facing lately is a rash of edged weapon issues – stabbings, box cutters, hatchets – those kinds of things, and that's really become an issue."

Carver said in many cases of stabbings or edged weapon attacks, the injuries can be 'absolutely horrific.'


On Friday around 7:40 p.m., police said there was an altercation between known parties in Central Park. It escalated, leading to one man being stabbed five times in the upper back and head, and a woman being slashed at with a knife. She was not injured.

Foot patrol officers arrested two suspects and seized a knife. The victim of the stabbing was taken to hospital in critical condition, though police said he is expected to recover.


Another stabbing occurred on Friday when an argument erupted between two men, who police said had been drinking together at a home on Ross Avenue.

According to a police release, one man grabbed a butcher's knife and stabbed the other man multiple times in the upper body. The victim was able to escape to the Women's hospital, where he collapsed.

Responding officers applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, and the man was taken to hospital in critical condition.

One man was arrested at the residence on Ross Avenue and has been charged with aggravated assault. The charge has not been proven in court.


In yet another stabbing on Friday, police said a man and woman returned to a home on Victor Street armed with knives after they were kicked out following an argument.

Police said the suspects stabbed the resident of the home 'numerous times about the body.'

The victim was able to escape the house with the help of a witness and called police. They were taken to hospital with serious injuries where they remain.

Two suspects were arrested and now face assault and weapons charges. The charges have not been proven in court


Carver said none of the incidents are related.

He said Winnipeg police are seeing a rise in the number of stabbings compared to previous years, though the exact number can be difficult to identify as some stabbings go unreported or victims refuse to speak with police.

He said anecdotally the number of incidents that appear to be random is also increasing.

Carver said there are some things Winnipeggers should remember to keep themselves safe.

"Be very aware of your surroundings," he said, adding if Winnipeggers see someone approaching them they need to ask themselves some questions:

  • Why would they be approaching?
  • Could this be a precursor to a robbery?
  • If so, what do they want?

Carver said if someone tries to steal your backpack or purse, just give it to them.

"No property is worth your safety," he said, adding people should be aware of what they are carrying with them, and if it is necessary to have it with them.

"If you're in a spot where there are more people near you – get to the other people because most criminals don't want to be attacking somebody in a group," he said.

Carver said Winnipeg police provide crime statistics online, which can also help Winnipeggers identify places that may have a higher probability of crime, and try to avoid walking those areas alone late at night.

More information can be found on the Winnipeg Police Service crime map.