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The travel-themed floral showcase coming to The Leaf

Fleurs de Villes Voyage is coming to The Leaf in January. (Source: Assiniboine Park Conservancy/Fleurs de Villes) Fleurs de Villes Voyage is coming to The Leaf in January. (Source: Assiniboine Park Conservancy/Fleurs de Villes)

A world-renowned floral show is coming to The Leaf next month.

It’s called Fleurs de Villes Voyage and will feature 15 travel-themed, fresh floral mannequins.

The inspirations behind the mannequins are Manitoba’s multicultural heritage and the cultures represented in the gardens at The Leaf.

“Fleur de Villes is a collaboration between Assiniboine Park and about 15 florists and artists here in the city, who will work together and create 15 mannequins of floral components or floral pieces that will celebrate different destinations around the world,” said Gerald Dieleman, senior director of horticulture at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy.

“Each mannequin will have a theme of a different destination and it’s expressed through flowers.”

Fourteen of the mannequins will be created by local florists, and will represent several countries including Ukraine, Mexico, Iceland and Japan.

The 15th mannequin will honour the Indigenous history of Assiniboine Park’s land. It will be a collaborative effort led by an Indigenous member of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy’s horticulture team and a local Indigenous designer who was part of the creation of The Leaf’s Peoples Garden.

Dieleman said The Leaf, which is a botanical garden, is a good fit for the exhibit and the perfect place to showcase these florals.

“One of the key things we like to do at The Leaf is celebrate the connection between people and plants, and people from different cultures around the world,” he said.

“So we thought this theme of Fleur de Villes and what we are trying to achieve here at The Leaf in general was a good fit.”

Winnipeg is the first stop on the Fleur de Villes Voyage tour. It takes place from Jan. 11 to 21 at The Leaf.

Dieleman said those who attend will get to experience the wonder of flowers and will get to immerse themselves in a natural environment.

“You’re going to see these art pieces made of flowers.” Top Stories

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