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Two Giant Tiger stores to close in Winnipeg


Giant Tiger announced it is shutting down two of its Winnipeg stores, saying the locations have proven challenging for the company’s business model.

The retailer said in an email to CTV News Winnipeg its locations at 1441 Main Street and 305 McPhillips Street will close on July 3 and July 31, respectively.

Alison Scarlett, Giant Tiger’s head of PR, communications and corporate social responsibility, said in an email the decision to close the stores was not taken lightly, and was made with “careful consideration and thorough analysis.”

When asked whether retail theft or crime played a role in the decision, she acknowledged theft has impacted Winnipeg stores, but was not a deciding factor for the closures.

“Please know that Giant Tiger continues to work closely with our trusted partners and local law enforcement agencies at all levels on solutions that best meet the needs and safety of our stores and customers,” she said.

Regular customers who spoke to CTV News Winnipeg on and off camera say they witness theft all the time.

“I’ve seen it happen here a lot of time,” said Carol Mann, who shops at Giant Tiger for its competitive prices.

“People just walk out or some run out, and some of them are being chased.”

“The people who can't afford are resorting to stealing, and it's not fair. It's what it comes down to. People are desperate,” said customer Mike Sprechert.

- With files from CTV’s Jeff Keele Top Stories

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