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Here is how much Winnipeg's population has grown

The Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg. THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods The Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg. THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods

If you feel like there are more newcomers to Winnipeg lately you’re on to something.

A new report from Statistics Canada estimates Winnipeg’s population grew last year.

The study analyzed population estimates by economic region starting on July 1.

Winnipeg’s 2023 population – which includes all gender and age groups- was estimated to be 820,474 people.

The figure is a 30,724-person increase from 2022’s 789,750.

Since 2013, the population has increased steadily by 173,047 people.

Meantime, the government agency also released population estimates by census metropolitan areas (CMA).

CMAs are formed by one or more adjacent municipalities positioned around a population centre. The area must have a total population of at least 100,000 individuals based on data – of which 50,000 or more must live in the core.

The study estimates Winnipeg’s 2023 CMA population to be at 910,240 people, up by 33,977, from 2022’s figure. Top Stories

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