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Winnipeg woman creates list to show businesses still requiring masks


A Winnipeg woman is taking mask-wearing confusion into her own hands by launching an online portal listing local businesses that still require face coverings.

Despite the province’s latest health orders removing the requirement, some local establishments have taken to social media saying they are still enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols.

“I just wanted to make sure people were aware of businesses that were still doing their best to keep their staff and their patrons safe,” said Kerri MacKay, founder of

As social media posts from shops, restaurants, salons and other businesses trickled in, she started compiling them on a Google document. Now the list has grown to 134 and is still counting.

“It's been really positive and I've got lots of good feedback from people on Twitter, and people who generally support the intent of the project," said MacKay.

She said enforcing safety protocols without being required to was probably a difficult decision for many business owners, but seeing they are not alone would be reassuring they are doing the right thing for the safety of their patrons.

Getting a business up on the website is easy. Simply visit and click on the submit tab. If errors are noted, there is a contact form where users can provide the correct information, add additional details like vaccination requirements, or give feedback. As for how long the project will continue, MacKay said it depends on demand.

“As long as people keep submitting and as long as people keep their policies in place, I think we will probably still keep up the work we are doing,” said MacKay. Top Stories

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