WINNIPEG -- There are currently active COVID-19 outbreaks at 31 of Winnipeg’s 39 long-term care facilities, according to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).

The health authority noted that of the 31 long-term care facilities with outbreaks, 16 of these sites don’t have any active cases among the residents.

In the WRHA’s latest personal care home update, which reported the numbers as of 9 a.m. on Dec. 15, it explained an outbreak is declared at a facility if there is a positive case of COVID-19 among a resident, staff member or an external service provider.

According to the update, the facilities currently experiencing larger-scale outbreaks include Charleswood Care Centre, Convalescent Home of Winnipeg, Fred Douglas Lodge, Holy Family Home, Oakview Place, Park Manor Care, Poseidon Care Centre and St. Norbert Personal Care Home.

The outbreak at Middlechurch Home was declared over on Dec. 11.


The WRHA said staffing at long-term care facilities continues to pose challenges.

As of Tuesday, there are 137 personal care home workers in the Winnipeg region with active cases of COVID-19, while 281 have recovered from the disease.

The health authority noted there are also many workers who are awaiting COVID-19 test results or isolating at home and therefore can’t come in to work. 

In order to deal with these absences, the WRHA identified other service areas that can be reduced so that staff can be redeployed to personal care and homes and other priority areas.

“Urgent and emergent PCH staffing needs continue to be filled with redeployed resources available primarily from our Community Health Services areas,” the WRHA said in the personal care home update. 

“Over the past month, more than 600 shifts at Winnipeg PCHs have been filled in this manner. Even with this valuable resource base, staffing in PCHs continues to be challenged.”


According to the WRHA, the Canadian Red Cross has been providing infection prevention and control assessments, as well as guidance at personal care homes.

Red Cross staff are currently on site at Golden Links Lodge and Holy Family Home, and it left the St. Norbert Personal Care Home on Monday.

The WRHA noted the Red Cross has been providing support to the Charleswood Care Centre, with a new deployment of Red Cross personnel expected at the care centre later this week. 

“We are grateful to the Canadian Red Cross for the support they have provided over the past several weeks, and for the support they continue to provide,” the WRHA said.