WINNIPEG -- A company contracted to overhaul management of a Winnipeg-based cannabis producer that had its sales license pulled after a recall announced a success Wednesday.

Bonify has had its sales licence fully reinstated, according to RavenQuest Biomed.

The cannabis company took over operational control of Bonify in late December of 2018, after a Health Canada recall of cannabis in Saskatchewan and a cannabis seizure in Manitoba by regulators.

At the time, Premier Brian Pallister said he believed illegal cannabis had entered the legal distribution system.

Three executives with Bonify lost their jobs in the fallout, and an investigation by RavenQuest determined that unauthorized weed was shipped to some stores, pointing to bullying by senior managers and demands on supply as contributing factors.

"What they did was not at all remotely close to following the regulations," said George Robinson, CEO of RavenQuest, at the time.

In a news release Wednesday, Robinson said they took steps to restore Health Canada’s confidence.

“This is a landmark moment in an industry that has faced several high-profile compliance challenges,” Robinson said, listing corrective actions taken, such as training in operation procedures and record-keeping.

Robinson said there are lessons to be learned from what happened to Bonify.

“Follow the rules, train your staff and run a clean, well designed facility capable of producing high quality cannabis without cutting corners,” he said.

-With files from The Canadian Press