In Elmwood – Transcona, NDP incumbent Jim Maloway went down in defeat to Conservative's Lawrence Toet.

Unofficial results showed Toet with a of less than 300 votes Monday evening.

"This victory tonight is a momentous step forward for this area," Toet told supporters Monday evening.

The area had been NDP held for more than 30 years.

Maloway had won the seat for the NDP in 2008, after Bill Blaikie stepped down as MP and later became an MLA.

Along with Maloway and Toet, candidates running for election in the riding included the Green's Ellen Young and the Liberal's Ilona Niemczyk.

"Well it's been a tough campaign, and we knew the Conservatives were very strong from the beginning," said Maloway.

The NDP incumbent has not yet conceded defeat.

Maloway said his team was still awaiting information from advance polls.