WINNIPEG -- A forward with the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League was arrested at Disney World in Florida this week after a confrontation with police.

Darren Kramer's agent confirmed the player was arrested in Orlando on Tuesday on suspicion of grand theft, resisting arrest and battery of a law enforcement officer.

No charges have been laid, and Kramer, who is 24 and lives in Peace River, Alta., was released on bond.

The player's agent, Carlos Sosa, said Thursday he had no first-hand knowledge of what happened. He said it remains to be seen whether charges will be laid, but for now Kramer is free to leave and re-enter the United States.

"It's a matter of making sure everybody's version of the events is put before the people who are going to decide whether or not to lay charges, and then a decision will be made," Sosa said.

Sosa said there is likely to be more than one side to the story.

A police report alleges Kramer and a friend referred to only as "Corbin" tried to steal a decorative bowling pin display from a restaurant and failed to comply when a security officer, and later a deputy, tried to stop them.

"I ordered Kramer to place his hands behind his back and attempted to detain in handcuffs," reads an incident report filed by deputy Matthew McCurdy.

Corbin ran away while Kramer initially complied and was handcuffed on one arm, McCurdy alleges. Kramer then tried to break free and run before turning on the officer.

"Kramer stepped forward and lowered his head, hitting me in the chest. This caused both of us to fall to the ground."

The struggle continued, wrote McCurdy, before Kramer was hit with a stun gun.

"I ... observed Kramer turn his entire body to me and again raise his arm as if to strike me. I drew my department-issued ... Taser and yelled that I would taze him. Kramer continued to come at me and I deployed the (stun gun)."

The police allegations have not been proven.

Kramer led the AHL in penalty minutes with 284 in 2014-15 -- his last with the Binghamton Senators.

He played 61 games with the Moose last season, notching 12 points and 138 penalty minutes.