A 26-year-old Manitoba model has died mysteriously in Milan, Italy after falling off a balcony.

Hayley Kohle, 26, died on Saturday, Oct. 11, and now her family is trying to figure out how her life was cut short so suddenly.

"It's just so shocking," said Kohle's sister, Bridget, who told CTV News it was Hayley's dream to model in Milan.

She had been there for just over a year after signing a contract with a modeling agency through the Panache modelling agency in Winnipeg.

"We got news that Hayley had been in an accident and fell from a balcony," said Bridget. "It's still hard; we don't have any real answers."

The family has been given few details about what led to her fatal fall, and the family is now waiting to hear more from officials. They are dealing with Italy's Canadian embassy, RCMP, and Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs.

In a written statement sent to CTV News, Daniel Barbarie of the Department of Foreign Affairs said "We are currently providing consular assistance to the family. Due to the Privacy Act, we cannot disclose any further information about this case."

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 17. 

Hayley has a large family in Manitoba, in both Beausejour and Stonewall. She has eight sisters and three brothers, as well as parents and step-parents.

Hayley was planning on coming home this Christmas, and her sister said Hayley loved to cook and bake, even when her attempts didn't always work out.

"She was so beautiful. Just a beautiful person," she said.

Career was about to take off: agency

The head of the Panache modelling agency in Winnipeg, Jane Campbell, told CTV News that Kohle's career was about to take off.

"Over the past year Hayley's career began to flourish," Campbell said. "She was on the brink of success. Her death is a great loss and we all loved her."

A memorial for Hayley Kohle is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 20 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Beausejour.

With a report from CTV's Shaneen Robinson