Reverend Harry Lehotsky's legacy to improve and clean-up the inner-city continues years after his death.

John M. King School is getting a brand new playground.

When Lehotsky moved to Winnipeg 25 years ago his house faced the school's old playground.

Back then, it was a field of gravel and broken glass.

Lehotsky pulled the community together and turned it into a field of grass.

Now, the school's playground is getting another makeover which includes a wheelchair accessible play structure, ball diamonds and a soccer pitch.

It is called the Harry Lehotsky Memorial Work Project.

"This project is going to be done in Harry's name, but also my son is going to be instrumental in building some part of the play structure, that's kind of cool too. It's kind of nice to see him carrying on some of his dad's work," Harry Lehotsky's widow Virginia Lehotsky said.

A group of international Baptist delegates who are in Winnipeg next week have volunteered to work on the park.

On another note a biography on Harry Lehotsky's life is expected to be published this fall.