WINNIPEG -- The Seven Oaks Hospital emergency department closed Monday when an urgent care centre took its place at 7 a.m.

A WRHA spokesperson said the transition went ahead as planned with no issues to speak of.

The urgent care centre can treat patients who walk in or arrive by ambulance for urgent, but not life-threatening health concerns, such as broken bones, serious wounds and infections, sprains, dehydration, and urgent illnesses, rashes or fevers.

Originally, the ER was set to close in September, but the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority recommended it transition to urgent care in the summer.

In June, a spokesperson told CTV News: “Based on the current assessment and to ensure patient safety and safe staffing levels, we are recommending that the conversion occur over the summer.”

The ER closure comes as part of a plan from the Pallister government to overhaul the health-care system according to recommendations laid out by consultant Dr. David Peachey.

Concordia Hospital’s ER made the transition on June 3.

The Victoria Hospital ER closed to become an urgent care facility in 2017.