Some local potato farmers have been told to stop selling their products because they're apparently operating illegally.

Trevor Schriemer has been growing potatoes for 10 years but on Aug. 20 he received a letter from Peak of the Market, a non-profit board consisting of local farmers. The letter said Schriemer wasn't obeying Manitoba law when marketing his potatoes. Three other producers in Manitoba received letters similar to the one sent to Schriemer.

He thought he was okay if he didn't market more than a maximum of four acres of potatoes, but Peak of the Market said the farmer misunderstood the law.

Peak of the Market President Larry McIntosh says potato growers have to hold a license to sell their products, and the board is set up to promote good quality Manitoba products, similar to the Canadian Wheat Board.

Schriemer consulted his lawyer who told him he could either inform Peak of the Market who he was selling to, or he could stop selling potatoes.

Schriemer decided to stop selling the potatoes and gave some to a local Hutterite colony. He threw out what he couldn't give away.

Peak of the Market says Trevor Schriemer can become a licensed producer, but he says he won't bother.

Producers have to pay a levy to comply under Peak of the Market. Currently, 60 farmers are registered.

- with a report from Rachel Lagac�