WINNIPEG -- Phase 4 of the province's reopening plan launched Saturday, meaning Manitobans can now catch a movie, attend a live performance, or place a bet in the casino.

Gord McLeod and his son decided to take advantage by going to Scotiabank Theatre Polo Park.

"Going to a movie for the first time in months," said McLeod. "Was going to go mini-golfing, but it's too hot today, so we decided to go to a movie instead."

In Phase 4, movie theatres and live stage performance venues are allowed to reopen at 30 per cent capacity, with a maximum of 500 people.

McLeod said he and his son go to a lot of movies, and the news was a pleasant surprise.

"We've been waiting and hoping for them to say it's okay to start going, and yesterday I saw the okay," he said.

For some live theatre companies, the loosened restrictions were a little too late.

In a statement to CTV, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre said:

"We're heartened to see the announcement plans for Phase 4 of reopening the Manitoba economy, and the proposed measures that allow for indoor crowds for theatres."

"It remains our plan to resume regular producing in January 2021 as announced on June 26th."

In April, Rainbow Stage also announced they'd be cancelling their 2020 season.

Phase Four of reopening also allows two support people to visit in personal care and long term care homes.

Faith-based services and powwows also get more freedom under the phase, with subgroups and cohorts no longer being required.

The new rules are also prompting the opening of Winnipeg Casinos. Casino's of Winnipeg said McPhillips Station and Club Regent Casino will be open starting Wednesday and can operate at 30 per cent capacity.

The draft plan for Phase 4 proposed relaxing on the self-isolation requirement for people coming in from eastern and southern Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. After hearing concerns from the public, the province decided to keep the current rules in place.

There still may be a global pandemic, but McLeod is staying positive, looking forward to the extra foot room at the movie theatre.

"There are very few seats available in each theatre," said McLeod. "I think there's only 16 in the one we're going to, so it's going to be pretty empty."