The new stage at Old Market Square promises to be a state-of-the-art marvel, but some people who live and work in the area are complaining that the high-tech design is out of place in the historic Exchange District.

On June 17, the new stage will be unveiled, featuring lasers, interactive lighting and a built-in sound system. It cost more than $1 million to build.

Brian Timmerman, executive director of the Exchange BIZ, said the stage will be unlike any stage seen before in North America—and it was time to replace the old one.

"The concrete was starting to break apart. The electrical system was essentially built in the ‘70s," Timmerman said.

A nine-metre-tall aluminum drape that hangs over the stage now will be lifted to act a canopy over the stage.

Passersby have called the stage "out of place" and "weird" and some people in the area are saying they should have been consulted on the design.

Rowan Crowe, an event organizer, would have like to see a community-based process to approve the stage.

"Nobody who actually lives or works in the exchange knows what's going on," Crowe said.

However, the Exchange BIZ is standing behind the modern concept.

"Some people say, rather than built fake historic why don't you create something new and modern? And that's what we've done. The two can co-exist," Timmerman said.

The official opening on June 17 will include a concert by local band Papa Mambo and an interactive laser and light show.

- with a report from CTV's Karen Rozcnik