MPI is warning Manitobans to be careful when shopping around for a used car, or they could end up with one that was damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

The public insurance agency said about 700,000 vehicles were damaged when the massive storm swept through the American eastern seaboard, and some of those could end up in Manitoba.

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles from MPI warned flood-damaged vehicles can be dangerous, especially if water has entered their electronic components. The water can cause corrosion and malfunctions.

There have not been any reports of these vehicles being sold in Manitoba yet, but MPI is advising shoppers to check the history of a vehicle before purchasing it. provides a resource for driver’s to check if the vehicle they are interested in purchasing has been damaged by flood waters. It’s available on their website

MPI said buyers can also look out for things like musty odours, water marks and signs of rust or mud in the trunk, glove box or under the seats.