WINNIPEG -- The iconic Winnipeg soft serve ice cream spot, Bridge Drive-in, is shutting its doors after opening for a few days.

The seasonal shop, known by locals as BDI, opened as a drive-thru on Friday.

In a tweet, BDI said the drive-thru experiment is over and that the shop on Jubilee Avenue is closed effective immediately.

Bridge Drive-in created the drive-thru as a way to follow the strict public health guidelines restaurants and businesses have been following due to COVID-19.

The shop set up pylons to help direct traffic and made drivers lineup at the drive-in's north exit.

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The system created a backlog of traffic on Jubilee Avenue, garnering negative reviews from neighbourhood residents.

BDI apologized for any inconvenience the drive-thru caused and said they thought the system would eventually work.

Jessica Jacob, the co-owner of BDI, said they are trying to find a safe way to reopen.

"The big appeal to BDI is you know, you come with your family, you get in line, you walk across the bridge, that's sort of the norm for BDI. So when you don't have that it's how do we change a whole concept idea, and still make it safe for everybody. It's been a challenge to navigate through that system," said Jacob.

She added that they have been talking with their employees and getting feedback from people on what would work best to allow them to reopen.