The Canadian Palestinian Association of Canada spoke out on Sunday, condemning the ISIS attacks in Paris and Beirut.

Three coordinated terrorist attacks shook Paris on Friday night, killing at least 129 people.

The Thursday before, two suicide bombers killed 43 people in Beirut.

Spokesperson Rana Abdulla said "a terrorist attack against one is a terrorist attack against all."

“This unprovoked violence is awful, it’s terrible. I feel for any victim of terror,” said Abdulla.

Mosques in Calgary and Edmonton held vigils for the victims on Sunday.

Edmonton Imam Nasir Butt said he wanted to show support and sympathy.

“Our response on this kind of issue is: love for all, hatred for none,” said Butt.

That message was echoed by Abdulla. She said that Canada should welcome Syrian refugees fleeing to Canada.

“Everybody is equal and those refugees shouldn’t be blamed,” she said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada by the end of the year.

A senior official in the Trudeau government told CTV that the Paris attacks will not change the government’s refugee commitment.