WINNIPEG -- A child who attends a daycare in St. Francois Xavier, Man., tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

According to a letter sent to parents, the preschool and school-aged programs at the Country Kids Learning Centre are closed, and will remain closed until at least Monday. The school said this will give it time to get advice from the province and make sure the facility gets a deep cleaning.

The centre said it has spoken with Health Links and was told the risk of transmission is low.

The child had not been at the facility since Thursday, July 30, when they began to self-isolate. The centre said the child wasn’t symptomatic while at the daycare and did not become symptomatic until several days later.

The centre noted Health Links said to be considered a close contact to someone with COVID-19, a person has to be in close contact with an infected individual for at least 10 minutes within a distance of six metres while the person is symptomatic. 

“Since no individual from this family attended the Centre while symptomatic, no children or staff are considered to have been in "close contact" in this situation,” the letter from the centre said.

“As such, Health Links did not recommend self-isolation, but did recommend monitoring for symptoms. If symptoms develop, please contact Health Links or use their online assessment tool to determine if testing is required.”

The daycare encourages families to get in touch if they develop symptoms and have to go for testing.

The centre said it will be in contact with its provincial coordinator and Public Health to make sure it responds appropriately.

The family involved is also working with Public Health on contact tracing.

The daycare will provide more information to families once it is able to.

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