Wood carving isn't the average hobby for a teenager, but for a Winnipeg boy he's using wood carving skills to pay tribute to the Winnipeg Jets.

Adam Harrison's carving came to life in shop class at John G. Stewart. It's a school for at-risk youth.

The 15-year-old said the most challenging part was the team's main logo, the jet.

"Getting everything down to this depth and because it's so thin at points it was very prone to chipping," he explained.

Harrison's instructor, Rob Unik said he's one of the best students to ever pass through his class. Unik said Harrison is a natural talent when it comes to wood carving and said he has seen his student grow as a carver and a person.

"When I first met Adam he was shy," said Unik. "But as we worked together one-on-one, he just excels at what he was doing."

It took Harrison 250 hours to complete his project. "I'm very proud of all of the work I've put in to the sign and knowing it will be showcased for all to see," said the teen.

-With a report from CTV's Jillian Taylor