A fall from a truck trailer landed Heather Skeoch at Pan Am Clinic to deal with her back and neck pain.

"I landed pretty hard, I come off the trailer and fell about three, four feet," she said.

Skeoch said the service is excellent at Pan Am's minor injury clinic, but she was surprised how many people were lined up ahead of her.

"The first time I was probably here an hour and then I was told to come back later in the day at a different time," she said. "It's just enormous, the traffic, I couldn't believe it."

To deal with the growing demand, a larger replacement facility will be built a few blocks away beside the Reh-Fit Centre at Waverley Street and Taylor Avenue.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said Pan Am's surgery units are set to expire, the building is too small and the minor injury clinic is always full.

The Reh-Fit Centre is a non-profit group that promotes the prevention of chronic illness through fitness and diet. The health authority said it makes sense to combine all of the services in one location.

The project is one of several pledged in Premier Greg Selinger’s throne speech Monday.

Like other infrastructure promises in the speech, this one comes with a big price tag of $85 million.

The new clinic is set to open in three to four years.