Manitoba schools are going completely smoke-free in 2008.

Since 2004, smoking has been prohibited in school buildings, but not outside on school property.

This year, there will be no smoking on any school property in the province.

The ban was adopted by all Manitoba school divisions.

Manitoba's educations minister, Peter Bjornson, says the move proves Manitoba is taking a leading role in promoting health choices for students.

"Smoking destroys lives and we know from anti-smoking advocates that 90 per cent of smokers started their deadly habit as teenagers. As community leaders, we have a duty to intervene and encourage students to develop healthy lifestyles that last a lifetime," Bjornson said. "This government has taken a leading role in making our schools healthier and now Manitoba schools are doing their part to improve the health of students."

The province has also passed legislation requiring gym classes for all students, and banning the sale of foods containing high levels of artificial trans-fats in schools.