Norway House Animal Rescue is springing into action to help 11 sled dogs who were voluntarily surrendered after their owner had a medical emergency.

Operations director Debra Vandekerkhove said the animal rescue has provided food for the dogs since their owner went to Winnipeg for medical care.

This weekend, volunteers from the animal rescue are going to inspect the dogs to determine their particular needs, she added.

“Some of the dogs are going to be taken care of by family members, but the remaining 11 are left without anyone on the property. They are being fed and watered, but they cannot stay the way they are tied up waiting for help too much longer,” Vandekerkhove posted on the Norway House Animal Rescue Facebook page on Monday.

“They have voluntarily given up their dogs to rescue and want what's best for them in this time of family crisis,” she added.

Vandekerhove said the animal rescue is seeking good foster homes in the Winnipeg or the surrounding area with fenced yards immediately so the dogs can be properly looked after.

The animal rescue is also putting a call out for donations to meet the basic needs of the dogs, as well as transporting them down south.

By Tuesday night, more than $2,100 was raised to care for them.

To foster the huskies, email