WINNIPEG -- A healthcare worker at the Selkirk Regional Health Centre who tested positive for COVID-19 did not pass it on to others at the facility, according to Manitoba health officials

Lanette Siragusa, Shared Health’s chief nursing officer, said in a Friday news conference the worker tested positive weeks ago after travelling to another province, which initiated a contact tracing investigating into other workers and patients who had close contact with this person.

Siragusa said those identified had to self-isolate for 14 days from the last time they had contact with the COVID-positive person and self-monitor for symptoms, noting the time period has passed and staff members have been cleared to go back to work. All of the other tests done as part of the investigation came back negative for COVID-19 and the investigation is closed.

Siragusa said there are a few takeaways from this case.

“One is the importance and the effectiveness of the public health advice that we have been given, to all Manitobans, social distancing and proper hand hygiene are so important in preventing the spread of the virus,” she said, noting the results show the “vigilance” of the staff helped to prevent the virus’ spread.

“Secondly, it demonstrates the importance and the effectiveness of the robust public health contact tracing process, working rapidly to identify everyone who had been exposed and ensuring protocols were put in place, really our best tool in reducing the spread of the virus.

To date, there have been 230 cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba and four deaths.