A man facing multiple sex-related charges who calls himself “Mr. Jetz TV” is the latest candidate for office in Fort Whyte.

According to Elections Manitoba, Darrell Ackman is an official candidate in the provincial byelection.

On Monday, he spoke about the decision to run for office.

“I knew when I get out of jail I wouldn't have a job or a place to live. My mom was nice enough to let me stay with her. And that's when I thought about it first,” said Ackman.

Ackman, 43, of Winnipeg drew attention for posting videos of women outside bars on YouTube and wearing Winnipeg Jets paraphernalia, calling himself “Mr. Jetz TV.”

Ackman had no official connection with the team. In January, he was also criticized for filming women at a gym without their permission and posting it online.

Following an investigation, Ackman has now being charged with living off the avails of prostitution, sexual assault, sexual interference, possessing child pornography, make print or publish child pornography and invitation to sexual touching. He is currently out on bail.
But Elections Manitoba said these charges don’t preclude him from running in the election.  According to the Elections Act, any eligible voter can run for office unless they are they are currently in jail, or they are convicted of an offence under the Elections Act.

As part of his bail, Ackman has a number of court conditions imposed on him, including being prohibited from having a cellphone and computer. He is also barred from having contact with minors.

The possibility of going door to door for campaigning could prove tough with the court conditions he must abide by.

“I have to maybe talk to my lawyer to see what contact means,” said Ackman.

Residents who spoke with CTV News Monday said they weren’t pleased with Ackman running for office.

“I guess it’s your right to run, but hopefully no one would vote for someone like that,” said one resident.

“Everyone is entitled of their opinions. As far as I know, I’m not convicted of anything,” said Ackman.

If elected, he said he’d improve traffic and build more schools in the area.  

 “I think there is a legitimate concern that someone like that is a candidate,” said David Matas, a lawyer with child advocate Beyond Borders.

He believes the current laws need to be reformed.

“We do have competing rights here. In my view, the rights of the children should prevail but we need to at least make a decision on this issue,” said Matas.

 The byelection is set for Sept. 4.

Ackman is due in court for an appearance eight days after the byelection.

Also running in the byelection are Brian Pallister for the PC Party, Bob Axworthy for the Liberals, Brandy Schmidt for the NDP and Donnie Benham for the Green Party.

The seat was left vacant when former PC leader Hugh McFadyen stepped down.

- with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley