WINNIPEG -- The City of Winnipeg has ranked its top 45 infrastructure projects over $5 billion dollars in order of priority.

A new report to the mayor’s executive policy committee says the new ranking system is based on a “cost benefit point ratio.”

The number one item is the first phase of upgrades for the North End Water Pollution Control Centre, at $553 million.

Next is a new insect control building and yard, at a cost of $28.7 million; third is a water meter renewals project, at $150.4 million; fourth is the second phase of the pollution control centre upgrades, at $828 million; followed by bus radio replacements, at $20 million.

The widening of Route 90 between Taylor and Ness is ranked at number 14 and pegged at $520 million.

New fire halls for Windsor Park and Waverley West, costing $23 million, come in at 16.

Other significant projects are far down the list:

  • At number 26, the Louise Bridge ($245 million);
  • at 29, the Chief Peguis Extension to Brookside Blvd ($598 million);
  • future BRT corridors come in at 27 ($994); and
  • the Arlington Street Bridge, is 31 ($319 million).

“The Infrastructure Plan is intended to be a blueprint for how the city is able to maintain sustainable and affordable service delivery for residents, by incorporating the information from the plan into the city’s investment planning cycle and multi-year budget process on an annual basis,” said a city news release.

The report says the 45 projects total $5.8 billion.